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Executive & Leadership Coaching
Helping you discover and lift
personal barriers to professional succ

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The world has become increasingly complex, and the charge on you as leader is more challenging and dynamic than ever. Top leadership is a "lonely" place, where it's difficult to gain objective feedback and developmental insights. You want to push your limits, challenge your status quo, and continuously develop in transformational ways to positively impact your system and mark on others.

As a CEO or other top leader in a complex position that feels "lonely at the top," you're looking for a coach who "gets it" and gets you. You want a thought partner who will listen deeply and challenge kindly.

I've been in your shoes.

As a former CEO and MIT Sloan Executive MBA with over 15 years' experience helping professionals develop into the leader they want to be, I understand the need for a trusted partner and unconflicted sounding board who can help you go deeper and break through the challenges that surround you.

I'm a solo practice, dedicating my personal expertise and approach to you and your unique leadership challenge. I bring the insights, deep listening, acceptance, and perspective you're looking for to build on your successes and support you as you take your impact to the next level.

I coach globally via Zoom across organizations of all industries and size.

When you're ready to reach out, I'm here.

What Can Executive Coaching Do For You?

“The coaching process provides structure and space to make your future ‘by design’ rather than ‘by default.’”

How Do I Know if It's the Right Fit?
Executive Coaching is a confidential partnership rooted in introspection and action for breakthrough results. For it to work, it's essential that the client-coach match resonates. We'll evaluate this in our discovery call, but below might help get us started.

You're a Successful Executive Leader Who Wants to Continuously Grow and Transform.

You're a top leader in a C-suite, VP, or complex Director role who has the systems-based leadership perspective and influence to think beyond yourself as individual and toward the benefit of the whole system and its people. You've been very successful in getting where you are today. You're not looking to enhance your technical skills, rather, you're functioning in the complex leadership domain and have the self-awareness to know when something's not going quite as you'd like it to, as well as the EQ to want to pursue growth and change. Your background and leadership challenges are diverse and deeply personal. You want to partner with someone non-prescriptive who will tailor their approach and focus to you. You're passionate about self-exploration and personal development that enhances self-awareness, authenticity, mindfulness, values-based decisions, and strategic transformation. You're invested in increasing your psychological flexibility in support of lasting change. Despite your success to date, you remain curious and motivated to deepen your leadership signature and institutional impact.


You Need Someone Who's Been in Your Shoes, Practices Evidence-Based Ethical Coaching, and Can Serve as a Thought Partner and Sounding Board to Challenge Your Status Quo.

I’m a former biomedical research CEO and have served in leadership roles in teaching hospitals, higher education, nonprofit academic research institutes, and government settings. I completed my Executive MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management and serve on boards and as a startup advisor. To deepen my coaching skills and practice, I also completed my Leadership Coaching executive certificate at Georgetown University. I'm trained in evidence-based therapeutic modalities and maintain an active professional development practice.


You're Looking for a Whole Person Whose Personal Journey and Leadership Perspective Resonate With You.

As a female executive who rose through the ranks in the competitive Boston-based academic biomedical research environment and led an institutional turnaround in a complex professional ecosystem, I have experienced a lot of the same internal and external obstacles you face. I have also experienced imposter syndrome my whole life, having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD and the feelings of constantly failing, struggling to learn traditionally, and letting people down that came with it. At the same time, the resilience born out of constantly working to overcome these challenges has fueled my persistence, grit, drive, and ethics. A terrific executive coach helped me see my ADHD as an entrepreneurial and leadership superpower, and my growth mindset as a relational strength. You're ready to continue reframing your challenges and embrace your superpowers.

Amy H. Kimball

Amy H. Kimball (she/her)

125 Forest Ave., #10041

Portland, ME  04101

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My Purpose and Approach

For me, coaching is a calling. I coach for the fulfillment of helping people transform into the leaders they want to be.​


My approach is to provide a non-judgmental space where leaders can be vulnerable in identifying and exploring their present and desired future state. I am a deep listener and empathetic guide who will help you envision and experiment with the growth and change you desire. Through my executive background, thought-provoking questions, reflections, and evidence-based modalities, my goal is to help you discover and lift your own barriers in service of greater professional satisfaction, happiness, and success.

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“Amy is incredibly thoughtful in her approach. She has been instrumental in assessing my management style and helping me bring my leadership capabilities to the next level."

Megin H., President, Healthcare Industry


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