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What Clients are Saying

"Amy is incredibly thoughtful in her approach. She has been instrumental in assessing my management style and helping me bring my leadership capabilities to the next level."

Megin H., President, Healthcare Industry

"Amy has been a steady and consistent force pushing me to be the best executive leader I can be. Always with kindness, Amy provides me with a fresh perspective to challenge my own self misconceptions, build on my strengths, and grow in new dimensions."

Steve S., Aerospace Executive

"I had been struggling with a complex challenge for weeks until I talked to Amy. She cut right through the thicket and heard the most important things I was saying - things I hadn't myself realized were the heart of the matter. She understood me better than I understood myself! And after that, the solution was clear."

Mary C., Pharma Communications Executive

"Amy is an excellent listener and asked many open-ended questions that surfaced a gap in my personal perception of success versus what is attainable for a complex organization. She does not offer solutions but guides you on a journey of self-discovery that is personal and impactful. She provided me with the space to explore this gap, how it affected my team and the personal stress it created. Everyone else in my life is biased by their relationship with me but Amy provides knowledgeable, structured and firm feedback about what she observes. With an improved perspective, I was able to identify several immediate changes that have already improved my career, well-being, relationships and life."

Scott L., Product Development Executive

"Amy excels at asking questions that unlock insights. She has the unique ability to unify her vast executive experiences with her academic background to deliver timeless value to the leaders she coaches."

Ali S., Technology Executive

"In the midst of my sessions with Amy, I called the experience, ‘career therapy’. Amy used a thoughtful and individualized approach to guide in recognizing my full potential as a leader and as a person. She had a unique ability to support me in identifying areas for growth and development while guiding me to developing a focused plan to achieve my goals. Amy was supportive, encouraging and insightful and after every session I felt motivated and challenged to grow in my current position. She was a master at motivating me to step out of my comfort zone, while simultaneously providing me with the tools and knowledge to navigate through experiences I was challenged in. My communication, collaboration and confidence significantly improved, personally and professionally, as a direct result of Amy’s coaching. I have developed a new perspective on my career goals and what type of leader I aim to be. Amy is a true professional and I found her to be accessible, responsive and supportive and always willing to share her wealth of knowledge and insights. Amy is an outstanding leadership coach- I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated and skilled leadership coach who is interested in advancing their leadership skills and growing their career."

Caitlin C., Lead APP, Primary Care

"Working with Amy has enabled me to build stronger cross functional relationships, develop a deeper understanding of other people’s motivations and to become more self-aware. My effectiveness as a manager has also seen a transformation by learning to empower and challenge my direct reports as well as to have meaningful engagement with the wider team. Thanks to Amy’s professionalism and expertise, I’ve developed the tools and techniques I need to continue both my personal and professional development."

Karl F., Biotech Manufacturing Leader

"I highly recommend Amy as an executive coach. Her innate ability to ask the right questions, listen objectively and provide insightful guidance gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my career.  Absolutely first class as a professional and a person."

Danielle F., Executive Director, Biomedical Research

Anna A., Principal, Coaching & Consulting Business

"What a delight to work with Amy. I've worked with her directly and I have also seen her in action supporting other leaders. She is thoughtful, generous, and supportive. Amy thinks strategically about what might best help and support executive leaders. She is a role model. I enthusiastically recommend working with her!"

"Amy's insight and guidance is priceless to me. From the beginning, Amy was quick to observe and celebrate my strengths while crafting a safe, yet challenging environment to address my obstacles. She has consistently helped me name, frame, and clarify key areas for development without making me feel deflated or defeated. She’s offered me numerous practical tools and strategies to address my obstacles, including a task prioritization method that’s increased my productivity and memory immensely. Amy doesn’t just provide answers, she asks provocative questions that promote self-reflection and encourage you to find solutions that align with your personal values. Our meetings are always a highlight of my month, equally challenging and rewarding. The results of our work together have been rapidly visible and long-lasting. I leave each meeting with Amy feeling more confident, capable, and ready to continue growing into the best version of myself in all facets of life."

Hannah W., Arts and Programs Professional

"Amy has truly been a great source of support toward the launching of my art teaching business. Her insightful advice saved me a lot of time and energy in simplifying marketing approaches. Additionally, she provided networking opportunities to give my business an extra boost. I highly recommend Amy if you’re looking for a business coach who truly cares for her clients while providing them with the best options for success."

Chris R., Principal, Art Wellness Teaching Business

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